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Music Library Documentation

The manual for the Music Library is available for downloading in Adobe PDF* format in easily-manageable sections.
*(you will need to have the free Acrobat Reader in order to read these files, which you can download by clicking on this button )

If you simply click on the links below, the portions of the manual will eventually display in your browser window. However, we recommend that you download the files to your own hard drive, so that you'll have them available even when you're offline. To do so, Windows users should use their right-hand mouse button to click on the links and then use either "Save Target As..." (if you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As..." (if you're using Netscape) in order to download them for later use. Mac users will need to click and hold their mouse button on each link to bring up similar options.

Table of Contents | Chapters 1-3 | Chapter 4 | Chapters 5-6 | Chapters 7-8

Here is a listing of the Table of Contents, so that you'll know what's covered in each of the downloadable files above.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

About the Music Library
Music Library Modules
Sample Files
New Features in version 5.0
About this guide
Macintosh/PC Conventions

Chapter 2: Installation

MacOS Installation
Windows Installation
Technical Support

Chapter 3: Music Library Basics

Managing Your Passwords
Working with Database Files
Working with Records
Working with Fields
Nameable Fields
Printing Records
Importing and Exporting Data

Chapter 4: The Library Modules

Library Windows
Entering Movement Titles
Instrumentation Details
Audio Files
List Views
Performance Notes
Tracking Orders
Tracking Loaned Materials
Event Schedules
Publication Information
Recording Library
Printing Reports

Chapter 5: The Gradebook Modules

Setting Up a Gradebook
Entering Grade and Attendance Data
Viewing and Printing Grade Reports
Importing and Exporting Grade Data

Chapter 6: The Attendance Module

Setting Up Attendance Records
Entering Attendance Data
Viewing and Printing Attendance Reports

Chapter 7: The Member Modules

Entering Member Data
List Views
Creating and Printing Form Letters
Tracking Fundraiser Data
Instrument, Uniform and Concert Attire Inventories
Printing Labels and Envelopes

Chapter 8: Troubleshooting

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